About us

Sustaining Supply Chains is helping companies to operate more sustainable since 2020.

Everyone gets to play. We believe every person and business gets to play to work towards a righteous world. By doing good business in truth and a humble attitude. Your choices have effect. So, let’s move towards more sustainable business.

Sustaining Supply Chains focusses on emission reduction (primarily CO2). We give companies insight in their current performance based on data. Next, we help companies to step up and reduce their negative impact, both globally and locally.

We have strong analytical and quantitative skills. We focus on details and at the same moment summarize the relevant ones for your decisions.

Building sustainable supply chains is what intrigues me. The combination of moving goods from A to B together with doing things in the right way for our climate is key to me. It’s a new era where we’re heading for and I love to help companies to transit as best as possible.

I have a strong quantitative background with a master in Operations Research & Logistics at the Wageningen University. Moreover, I have worked on 25+ (quantitative) supply chain projects. I can adapt easily to a company’s culture and way of working. Reducing (data) complexity and coming up with right next steps is what thrives me.

You are welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn or send me a message.